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Swift Solutions for Electrical Repair in Boynton Beach, FL: Trustworthy Service for Your Home

The term, “electrical repair” encompasses a wide range of services. At Alphatec Electric, we can help you with the following types of home electrical repair:

  • Energy audits
  • Landscape lighting issues, such as broken timers
  • Electrical panel upgrades and repairs
  • Electrical outlet installations/repairs
  • Fixing damaged breakers
  • Rewiring
  • and more!

Though this isn’t an exhaustive list, they cover some of the swift solutions for electrical repair we offer in and around the Boynton Beach, FL area. Electrical panel upgrades, for example, are one of the most important types of electrical repairs because they can directly influence your home’s current electrical system. Some homes, especially those that are older, may have an outdated electrical panel or wiring, such as knobs and tubes.


While knob and tube wiring isn’t illegal in the state of Florida, it’s severely outdated and puts homeowners at risk of an electrical fire if not upgraded. Though you may not think of upgrades like this as a repair, anything that takes your existing electrical system to the next level and by proxy, makes your home safer, is a repair worth making. This, of course, is just one example of the type of services we offer, but we can do many more. Best of all, we have industry knowledge of the pitfalls of outdated electrical wiring and can advise you on why an upgrade is so necessary. Call us today at 561-944-3496 and request a free quote.


Expert Home Electrical Repair in Boynton Beach, FL: Restoring Safety and Functionality

The example provided above regarding the fire risk associated with knob and tube wiring is just one of the many examples that highlight the importance of new electrical repair services. When an electrical system is down, it may be at risk of posing a fire hazard to you and your loved ones. Oftentimes, this is caused by loose wiring, which is easily recognizable by circuit breakers that continue to trip or flickering lights.

If you notice these signs, you must call the pros at Alphatec Electric as soon as possible because they could be warning signs of more imminent danger. Of course, bad wiring isn’t the only risk factor of an electrical fire. Faulty or malfunctioning electrical equipment, incorrect installation, and ill-fitting plugs in an electrical outlet could also lead to electrical fires. This is why one of the most common repairs we make includes electrical outlets to ensure that they are installed properly and working efficiently.


We don’t bring up these risks to scare you but rather show you just how important your home’s electrical systems are and why hiring an experienced technician to make repairs is paramount. Without the necessary training, you could unintentionally create an even larger issue. With electrical fires being commonly associated with electrical repair, it’s better to err on the side of caution and call a trusted professional. Alphatec Electric is here to offer you quality electrical repair services that can keep you, your home, and your loved ones safe. Call today: 561-944-3496.


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Efficient Electrical Outlet Repair in Boynton Beach, FL: Ensure Your Home's Power Reliability

Your home’s electrical outlet is probably the electrical device you interact with the most. Anything that needs to be powered up is plugged into an outlet, making it one of the most important features of your home’s overall functionality.

The outlet serves as a middleman, so to speak, connecting your device to the electrical grid. When it stops working as it should, it can’t power up your devices or appliances, making the outlet futile. Many times, when an outlet stops working, it’s because of some faulty wiring that just needs a quick repair. However, it could be the result of a blown fuse or that the slot that the plug goes into is worn down. Regardless, both repairs are pretty straightforward and should be remedied in about an hour. To schedule your efficient electrical outlet repair appointment, call 561-944-3496 and speak to a member of our team.


Locate Reliable Boynton Beach Electrical Repair Near Me: Quick Assistance for Your Home's Needs

As you can see, quality electrical repair is important to not only ensuring your home’s safety but also its overall functionality. If you need electrical repair or think you do, but want to speak to a member of our team first to be sure, just give us a call. We’re here to answer questions both before your appointment and during.

For more than 20 years, Alphatec Electric has been providing excellent customer service to the residents of Boynton Beach FL, and beyond. We’re proud to be a part of the Palm Beach County area. We continue to work closely with both homeowners and commercial business owners, offering quality and dependable electrical services. Contact us today to get on the schedule. We’re here to help your home or business run smoothly!


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