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Upgrade Your Lifestyle with Home Automation Solutions in West Palm Beach, FL: Transforming Your Space for Convenience and Comfort

Upgrading your home with an automation system gives you the ability to control so many different aspects of your home, including your blinds, appliances, and electronics. One of these aspects worth mentioning is home theaters. You can utilize this automation technology to bring the movie-going experience home at the touch of a button. With one device, you’ll be able to choose a movie, adjust your lighting, and operate your sound system from your couch, bed, or theater chair. The only thing you’ll have to get up for is making the popcorn!


While managing your home’s electronics is fun, one important aspect of home automation is your home security system. Want to be able to check cameras and activate your alarm system at the same time? An automated home will let you do that while you’re doing everything else around your house.

Since this will be all integrated, you’ll be able to do it all without having to change out multiple remotes, fire up your computer, or go from room to room to do so. It’s the perfect solution for ease of use. Contact us today to get started!


Experience the Future of Living with Smart Home Automation in West Palm Beach FL: Seamlessly Integrated Technology for Your Home

Did you know that you can also automate your home with voice commands, as well? You can integrate Amazon Alexa into your automation system so you don’t even have to press a button to operate your devices. Simply tell Alexa what you want to do and it will take care of it for you.


You can open your blinds or turn on the TV with the sound of your voice. This makes automating your home even easier to operate. Of course, you’ll still have access to the remote or app on your phone if you prefer the more hands-on approach, but having the ability to do it all with your voice makes this option that much better. Alexa, turn on the TV! How cool is that?


home automation smart home West Palm Beach FL

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Protect Your Property with Advanced Home Security Systems in West Palm Beach FL: Safeguarding What Matters Most

Protecting your home is of the utmost importance and while a traditional home security system can get the job done, why not make it better? Home automation can add smart locks to your home, which gives every member of your family an access code to get inside the home and add sensors around your doors, windows, and any other entry points around the home. Even having a smart doorbell, where you can interact with the person on the other end of the door can give you peace of mind when you’re home alone.

Regardless of whether you want to enhance your system with home automation by turning lights on at a specific time, our home security systems are incredibly advanced. We can install everything from security cameras, alarms, lights, and many other home security systems to give you peace of mind that your home is protected. Best of all, we’re here to offer ongoing maintenance to keep your home security system up-to-date so there’s never an interruption in service.


Whether you want something basic or a system that comes with all the bells and whistles, the team at Alphatec Electric is here to help. Contact us today at 561-944-3496.


Elevate Your Living Environment with Smart Home Automation Systems in West Palm Beach FL: Enhancing Efficiency and Convenience

Smart home automation systems, like the ones available through Alphatec Electric, can make all the difference in simplifying both your life and your home. If you’re ready to get started, just give us a call at 561-944-3496 or fill out our submission form to speak to a member of our staff.

A home automation smart home is the best way to simplify your routine and best of all, it can be done in about a week’s worth of time. We have years of experience developing, programming, and installing home automation systems for our West Palm Beach FL neighbors. Skip the Google search for “home automation West Palm Beach FL” and instead, call us.


When you hire us, you’re getting trusted industry knowledge, excellent craftsmanship, and customer service to make your experience more enjoyable. Plus, all of our technicians are licensed, certified, and insured, so you can trust us to work inside your home. Don’t wait. Create a new home automation system today! It all starts with one phone call: 561-944-3496.


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