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Home Automation West Palm Beach Residents Appreciate

Our name is trusted, not only for our dependability as licensed Florida general electrical services contractors, but also for our extensive background in automation systems. From concept to installation, AlphaTEC of West Palm Beach, FL is your commercial and smart home automation systems authority. We’ll help your home or business become a more functional environment, while arming you with the cost and energy efficient technologies that can reduce energy usage.

Our electricians have extensive knowledge and experience in specifying, installing, programming, and maintaining automation systems. We love providing these technologies to our customers, and not only because of their practical value in energy savings. Smart home systems are a very “space age” technology. They give your home or commercial building a bit of that “24th Century Starship” feel, except that you don’t have to wait for the 24th century to get it.

If you like the idea of controlling your home’s lights and other electrical (or electromechanical) features by remote, or even with your smartphone, call AlphaTEC. We’ll help guide you through which products will do what you want, reliably and with security. If you like the idea of saving energy by installing systems which automatically regulate electricity usage throughout your business, contact us. We’ll perform an energy use audit, and then help you determine which automation systems will help you improve.

We Offer A Range of Smart Home Automation Systems

  • Automatic Shade Controls
  • Fountain and Irrigation Controls
  • Gate Controllers
  • Home Security
  • Home Theaters
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Media Room Setups
  • Thermostat Controllers

As you would expect from a full service company, we perform installation, upgrades, maintenance, and repairs on everything we sell. We’re also glad to help with home security systems that were sold and installed by other companies. Please call us if you have any questions or problems with your home automation system, whether we installed it or not.

We provide service in and around many south and central Florida communities. Visit our home page for a list, or contact us for more information. We welcome all questions and we strive to always answer our phones when you call.